Van Den Hul perfect match for B&W - true or not?

Just spoke to one of the local B&W salesmen and he mentioned that Van Den Hul are the perfect speaker cables to get for B&W 802Ds since the inside wiring is all Van Den Hull. Is it true and if yes what are the speaker cables that work best here? And if not what else can your recommend? Most dealers that sell B&W and Classe also sell Transparent but that may be just a shared distributor case. I like the cables to sound rich and full without any glare and britness. As for the amp - I'm still in the market for this one but maybe Classe.
I used to have the old 801 FS and it was not at all fusy about cables or power amp matching. Back then I was driving them with the Goldmund Mimesis 9 and it was pretty clear the cable winner.
The shoot-out was between:
The Transparent "Ultra" , Yamamura "Millenium 5000" , Tara Labs "RSC Master Gen 2" , Nordost "SPM Reference" , Siltech "2-88" (I'm sorry, I don't recall exactly) , YBA "Diamond" , Van Den Hul "Revolution" , Audioquest "Dragon 2" , MIT "MH-770 CVT".
All of them were auditioned with their own matched sisters interconnects for a fair comparison of their full effect.
I ended up with :
speaker cable : Cardas Hexlink Golden 5C
interconnect : Van Den Hul "The Second"
phonocable : Clearaudio "Silver Line"
This wiring system (set) it was so much better that the first notes were came as a shock to me after the average performance of the others. It becomes an excellent evaluation tool for many years, that helps me to choose the right components for my taste. But it's most precious strength was a calming & consonant listening pleasure so consistently balanced that let every component to shine it's personality.
At the present day it is difficult to find the "Hex. Golden 5C" and you must be very very careful for FAKES.

Today, as I move to SET/Horns and I discover that this lovely wiring system it matches better a solid state amp / multi way speaker, I make the usual extensive comparisons and I end up with :
speaker cable : Van Den Hul "Inspiration"
interconnect : Van Den Hul "the Orchid"
phonocable : Van Den Hul "MC Silver IT mk III"
Shurely it is not the most extreme, but it has the same precious values as my previous cable system : It is capable for a great in-depth monitoring B O T H with a marvelous completeness (the most brave behaviour), without rejections or favours among different components.

I suggest you to accept the whole wiring loom as a cable system that it's main target is not only to complement your present 802D but to remain as a tool for your hunting of your preferances among source/pre/power/speakers, in the future also.