Cartridge match for the Sumiko MMT tonearm?

Hi all,

My analog gear is a Denon DP-3000 with a Sumiko MMT tonearm and a Grado Gold cartridge. The Grado's getting old and I am considering either replacing the stylus with another Grado (which I do everytime...) or possibly trying something new, maybe even an MC. I would appreciate any suggestions of cartridges that mate well with the MMT. Considering the budget nature of the table and tonearm I'm not looking for anything too exotic. As far as the types of music being played, I have a varied diet of jazz, rock, singer-songwriter, psych, electronic, and a fair amount of what i listen to is 60s/70s independent label or private press (i.e., not always great recording quality to begin with).

Thanks in advance for the input,
For the MMT, you can use either MM or MC, as long as it doesn't feed a huge amount of energy back into the arm, as is the case with many lower compliance cartridges. My advise is to stick with a medium mass and medium compliance cartridge for that arm.

I like a Goldring 1022 or 1042 for MM, and a Dynavector 10x4 or 10x5 for MC on that arm. I've set up many tables in the past with that arm, and both the Goldring and Dynavector match well.
I've been using a medium output Benz glider in my MMT for about 5 years. Works quite well.