Van Den Hul Cables

I had  a small flood in my basement and was looking for some reasonable priced loudspeaker cable. Now I know Van den Hul is a very good name in audio. But I looked at their cs-122 cables and they seem awfully low priced in light of the prices on their Cartridges and Higher Cost cables. I mean $35.00 a meter is almost cheap considering other cables to day.

I've used the CS-122 and the D352, which I found provided better bass performance, but the gZero2 speaker cables (discontinued) from KLE Innovations out performed both by a considerable margin.

I would try to locate some used gZero2 speaker cables - you'll stop looking for better

Here's my review of the gZero2

If oyu do go with Van den Hul, separate the two wires and keep them spaced between 2-3 cm for the entire length of the cables - fine details will be the reward 

Regards - Steve