VAC Amplifier Speaker Output Taps

My VAC amplifier has output taps labeled 2 to 4 or 4 to 8. I was wondering whether this means that the first tap is 3 ohm and the second 6 ohm. If my speakers are nominal 4 ohm with minimum of 3.2 ohms, is there a correct choice from a technical or electrical standpoint. I've tried both without appreciable difference in sound.
I asked the same question when I received my first VAC amps years ago and Kevin told me to start with the tap closest to the ohms of my speakers but after the amps are broken in, trying the other tap; it could sound better. If you are running mono amps, in balanced mode, Kevin will suggest the 8 ohm tap. If stereo, you will most likely end up on the 2 or 4 ohm tap. Which amp do did you buy.
Thanks Hifimaniac
I was fortunate enough to save up and purchase the 450 Stereo.
Did Kevin ever mention that the 2 to 4 ohm tap is actually about 3, and the 4 to 8 ohm tap actually around 6?...or has he done something different?
I'll call him Monday if you're not sure:)
For now the 2 to 4. As I mentioned, I don't notice any significant difference.
Kevin has always advised folks to try both taps, as results vary from what one may expect. He claims that many times the amp may mate better with the minimal spec speaker impedance rather than the nominal spec. In my experiments this proved to be true. My speakers are a nominal 8 ohm load, with a minimal load of 6 ohm. I originally had them hooked to the 8 ohm tap and the sound was pretty good. However, when I changed to the 4 ohm tap, the sound really opened up and became much more palpable.

It is my understanding that the 8 ohm tap puts out more voltage, while the 4 ohm tap puts out higher current. It really is dependent on your speakers load, and design as to what will make them sing better. I suggest that you experiment with both taps as Kevin suggests, and choose the one that sounds best to you.

Congratulations on the 450! Kevin's Statement line is fantastic and I can only dream of ever reaching for it after a nasty divorce that depleted my wealth! Let us know what you decide concerning the taps.
Its a range. If your speakers operate mostly in a range from 2-4 ohms, use those taps. Or, if your speakers are a little easier to drive and they operate mostly above 4 ohms, use those taps. But like others have said, try both and use the ones that sound best.