Using headphone output from an intergrated amp

I am in a phase of being obssessed with headphones. My simple question is : Do I need to have the intergrated amp connected to a speakers while I am using the headphone output?

I have read somewhere that " never turn the amp volume up without being connect to a load, ie. speakers ".

I prefer not to have any speakers to connect to my intergrated amp but the headphone to the headphone output.
i have read this about tube amps but never solid state. i have used several integrateds as a pre to a amp with no load on the speaker outputs on the integrated. on every amp i have ever used when you plug the headphones in it bypasses the speakers. but i,m not the final word here by any means. what amplifier do you have?
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I agree about SS integrateds. However, most integrated amps have poor to mediocre headphone amp sections. Some of them are ok. If you are really into headphones, I strongly suggest picking up even a cheap used dedicated headphone amp. Of course, depending on how hard your phones are to drive, your results will vary greatly. You can pick up a new Creek starting at $199, or a used MF V-Can, and many others. I hear great things about Woo and Audio-GD. I commend you to check out, both for recommendations and used gear.
Thank you,guys. Mateored's answer leads me to another question I have that's dedicated HP amp VS intergrated amp HP section.

I have the modest Pioneer Elite A 35R and the Rotel RA 1062 and so far I am okay with the SQ. My HP are the Senn. HD280 pro, Audio Tech. ATH A700 and both are closed HP. I will be receiving the Senn HD 595 from Amazon in a couple days. The HD 650 is much better as I read but I want to take time to test the water.

I have been into headphones for many years and owned many different headphones and dedicated headphone amps. I also happen to own the Pioneer A35R and the Senn 280 Pro's.

The headphone out on the Pioneer is dreadful. You may not think so, but if you've ever heard a decent HP amp, you would. The Senn 280's are not difficult to drive, but have a limited upside as to what they can deliver.

I would suggest you pick up a used Senn 580 or 600, and a modest tube amp, such as a Little Dot or Antique Sound Lab to get a taste of what headphone listening can really offer. To learn more, check out And... sorry about your wallet.
Davetherave is so right.

Headphone amps make a huge difference- and I've owned at least 20, both tube and Solid State. I was convinced it was tubes only for me after much experimentation, then I met the Burson HA-160, which I own now. I'm just intoxicated with the Burson and music is even more pleasurable than before.

But you don't have to lay down the coin for a Burson or better- The amps Dave mentioned are really good for little money, and you can find them used quite often.

Have fun!
Here we go again, I just bought the A25r. I wonder if the time to "move it" again at a loss for tne dedicated HP amp.

I have been checking around and the little Dot MK IV has a good review. Just curious that how does the LD tube headphone against the MF V Can as the Sterephile guy loves the MF V can so much?
For the DIY types out can cob together a CMOY pocket headphone amp for about 30$ with all new parts, less the Altoids tin you build it in!

Than, you can get into 'opamp' rolling. Much less expensive than the glass version!

Minimal equipment is needed, but ya gotta' have a good iron. AND eyesight.