using cary 306-200 as transport only with dcc2 dac

I am about to buy a dcc2 dac and for time being would be using a cary 306-200 as my transport. Has anyone used a cary 306-200 as a transport only. Better yet has anyone used the cary with the dcc2? If not, do you think the cary 306-200 or the meitner phillip modified player would be the better transport. I don't have the cash and besides its backordered to get the meitner cdsd.

the Meitner modified Philips would easily best the Cary
My Cary 303/100 did very very well as a transport (I wasn't as happy with its sound as a standalone player). Dan Wright of Modwright has recently taken a look inside the 306. He's selling one that he took in as a trade - check ou the ads here to read his comments.
Keep in mind that if you use the Cary with the Meitner you will only be able to listen to redbook cd's. It would seem a shame to buy a Meitner and not use it's hi-rez capabilities.
what is the function of a transport?