Usher 8571 DMD vs Be-10

I just bought a pair of 8571 DMDs and they've absolutely won over me. The speakers are full of detail, dynamics and sound extremely musical and engaging. I previously owned Magnepans and never thought anything could come close to their open and detailed sound but I think the Ushers match them in all aspects and exceed them on dynamics and bass.

This brings me to my problem - given the 8571s are excellent, after reading about the Be mid range I feel there is something even better out there - the BE-10s. For those who've heard both the speakers- are the BE-10s significantly different ( to justify the 60%+ increase in price)? Do they have the mid range attack like the 8571s do or are they more laid back and revealing in the mid range... any thoughts will be very appreciated..
While not having heard the 8571's I do own the BE-10's. The stock BE-10's IMO would not justify the increase in price. The new DMD's IMO are a step backwards for Usher and just their answer to bad press for the BE tweeters. The BE tweeters are much faster than the DMDs and sound vastly superior to these ears. Also the stock crossovers and internal wiring for the BE-10's SUCK! You haven't heard the true potential of the BE-10's until you heard a pair with the John Tucker of Exemplar Audio's upgraded crossovers and internal wiring. Tucker's upgrades make the factory crossovers and internal wiring look like toys. The resultant sound brings these speakers to a whole new level.
i have hear the 8571 side by side with BE-10 and i can say for sure that the 8571 is more soft-sweat less detail and less low bass, BE-10 is more natural and better soundstage and laid back
Thanks guys. Inclined towards the BE-10s. Lets hope something comes up for sale
Saum, sorry to rock the boat, but you should give a listen to the Paradigm Signature 8s (v3). They have one of the best Be tweeters in the industry, are unbelievably well built and sound great. You should check out the reviews. I saw a Steven Stone speaker survey last October, where he listed the top 25 speakers on the market. Almost fell out of my chair. The Paradigns ranked #7. The cost differential is also shocking. Most of the comeptition is many mutliples in cost. Also, Marc Mickelson reviewed the S8s in May of 10 or 11. He couldn't stop raving about the S8s.

Just FWIW.