Used Pre-amp advise please....

It turns out that I need your advices once again...
I recently just upgraded my B&W N805 to a pair of Dunlavy Alethas (and decided to put them in my living room which I believe is big enough to accomodate them). My current system (tight-budget system):
Jadis JD-3 CD
AudioNote DAC 2
Krell KSP-7B
Krell KSA250
Cardas Neutral Ref & Nordost BlueHeaven RCA
Cardas Quadlink cable speakers
I am quite ok with the system until I heard the combination of Conrad-Johnson PV10a with my Krell, which turned out to be very musical, detail, and sweet (lack of bass & soundstage, a bit lean). A huge improvement over my krell ksp-7b.... Since I virtually have spent all of my $ for the Dunlavys, I could not afford a better pre than a used one (my Ksp-7B is only worth $550 at my dealer). My current choices are: CJ PV10a ($750), CJ PF-2 ($800) or Sonic Frontier SFL-2 ($1000). My concern is the CJs are quite low-ends (non-replaceable power cord) while the SFL-2 is quite old (1996, and the comp have been brankrupt). Any sugestion among those pre-amps? Thanks in advance....


Not sure what you were looking at with the CJ pre-amps. But I have a PV10a and it has a replacable powercord. Great support from the folks at CJ as well. I've been happy with mine for several years. I also have 805's and a McCormack DNA-1 deluxe amp. Great soundstaging. Covered the base issue with a REL Strata III sub. Others here on the 'gon have also recommended the BAT 3MKi it might also be another piece to consider. Good Luck.
You should be able to get a PV-10b line stage for what you are looking to spend. However I would try to move up to a Premier 10 or 14 if you can swing it financially. As someone said I would not worry to much about vintage as CJ still services everything they make / made. I don't know who services sonic frontiers as they are out out of business as I understand it. So that would sway my decision. People who still own sonic frontiers would know the answer to the service question.

Im currently an owner of an sfl2 and can attest to its quality of sound and build. This is a fantastic preamp built like the proverbial tank. It uses 8- 6922 tubes and I believe service thru anthem-sonic frontiers is still available. feel free to email for any questions but i know you wont be sorry if you pick one up.