Use SCD-1 with EMM DCC2?

Help! Can anyone tell me what it would take to use my SCD-1 as transport with the DCC2? Am thinking of adding the DCC2 to my system. Are there special mods required to do this?
You would need to get Meitner to modify your SCD-1 to output digital for the SACD layer, e.g. DSD output. It can be done, he did the one I have so it has that output. I don't know if he does it in general or not, I rather doubt it. This unit came from a pro mastering studio (DMP) and may have been a one-off special case. But, it's possible.

If interested I have the boards inside a dead phillips SACD1000- if you have any interest let me know.
The only thing that you can do is run the analog outs into the analog inputs of the DCC2 for SACD. The pcm can be outpu via the digital out on the Sony into the digital in of the DCC 2.

No mods can be done.

"No mods can be done."

Is actually BS, since I have a unit that he modified to have this output. A more accurate statement would have been

"no mods will be done, for our own reasons"

Ed - You have the only unit I know of. It was done for Ed's friend Tom Jung of DMP and Ed will never do it again. He does not like that unit as a transport and cannot / will not do them again. EMM Labs is not in the modification business. The Philips were just a temporary mean to an end while he was developing his own transport.
hi Johnathan -

Thanks for the note and information on this unit. Cool to know it's a one of a kind.

Ed, have you ever had the opportunity to compare your unit with either the philips or the CDSD? I would be very curious to hear your impressions.

hi Justin -

alas, no. I dont' have the $ for an EMM Labs DAC at this point and don't know anyone nearby that does... but when the time comes, I have the player... ;-)

Thanks all, for the great input. The bottom line for me, I think, is I'm going to save up to go EMM all the way and sell the SCD-1 . Your help and input are greatly appreciated.