USB audio problem

I just recently purchase a Sim Audio Moon 100D that I an using with my computer. Most of my music is wav files. The problem I am having is once in a while I hear a clicky sound when playing audio. I have a cd player connected to that DAC thru coaxial and it work perfectly fine. Could this be a clocking issue with the computer? Thanks
It might be a clocking issue, but it sounds like something on the USB Bus.  (This is one of the reasons I’m careful to implement USB in our designs.)  It could also be the software your using and/or the audio settings of the computer.

What computer hardware and music software are you using?

I have a HP 6735b laptop with WMP.
  1. Check the sound settings in Windows.  Make sure the operating system isn’t improperly re-converting the sample rate.  Normally you want the source clock to match the source content, for example: 16/44 content should be set to 16/44 sample rate.
  2. Check to make sure that there isn’t some software and/or driver trying to connect on the USB Bus.  The USB Bus can get busy and create all kinds of sounds/clicks/dropouts.
  3. It seems like your computer is around 10 years old.  You might need to do an update, clean re-install of Windows.  This would allow you to update all the drivers and get rid of any “bloatware” that could be effecting the USB Bus and/or audio settings.

Could be a buffer setting in the software player or in the driver panel
Since this computer is old, I decide to a newer laptop.  Looks like that problem is resolved. Could have been a USB driver issue but didnt want to deal with since that computer is old. Thanks for all the help.