upgrading Rogue 88 to Magnum or buy 120 monoblocks

I've had a Rogue 88/99 combo with Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rods for about 2 years and would like to improve sound staging and get a little more "pop" in the bass. I'd love to hear about others experiences when upgrading to the Magnum 88 vs just buying the 120 monoblocks. Thanks
I do not know how much power your speakers need but I would upgrade to the Magnum version, I did this with an 88 and the difference is big. The soundstaging is improved with everything more defined and more space between instruments. There is more extension and the bass goes from being thicker and more of a one note bass to much more defined and less colored. With the high end being more refined and articulate.

When I bought the 120 Magnums the sound was better than the 88 with less coloration and better separation, but I would think the regular 120s would not be as good as the 88 Magnum. This last comment is total speculation.
When I had the Magnum upgrade done on my Rogue Audio 88 it clearly improved sound staging and tightened up the bass. However, the overall improvement to my Rogue Audio 66 preamp when I had that upgraded to Magnum was even more significant than that of the 88.