Upgrading from Van Den Hul D102 MK III

What would be a logical upgrade path from this interconnect? I want an upgrade that will make meaningful improvement otherwise it is really not worth it.

I really like the mkIII so I want something that sounds similar but better.
Since I already have Harmonic Tech Pro 9, I am a bit bias toward the Pro Silway since it may be a nice match.
Where do you currently have the VdHs? What sonic "improvements" are you trying to achieve?
Since you like the VdH sound, try The First on your source or The Second depending on your application.

I use them to feed the cdp to preamp and from preamp to amp.
All around improvement is what I am after especially in the treble.
I was always concerned by VdH higher capacitance...
If you like Pro Silway, check AZ Matrix Ref II, it seems to be more neutral
I agree with Dmitrydr... I have used these AZ's in the past and liked them. I've swapped them out now, though, for some DIY copper ICs.