Upgrading from Martin Logan ESL15a w/Force subs to Wilson Sasha Daw or Alexia 2 w/JL subs

I would like some guidance on switching from ML to the Wilsons mentioned above.  While I do really enjoy the ML I'm looking for something smaller as well a better connection between the highs and lows which both of the Wilsons do better.  There are numerous other things I like about the Wilsons as well.

Currently, I have the McIntosh MC-1.25kwh mono blocks with my ML center powered by a MC-601.  My speaker wire is transparent.  My Processor is a McIntosh MX160 and I am using Roon with a NAS and Lumin Streamer.  I will also be adding a McIntosh pre-amp to improve performance on the 2 channel.  Haven't decided between C2700 or C53 yet.  Adding a Clear Audio Concept turntable but haven't settled in on cartridge.  There is no rush to do anything, so I'm open to opinions.

A couple comments on the Wilson's.....the midrange and tweeter are the same on both but the Alexia 2 has much more adjustability.  While demoing without the subs the Sasha Daw bass hit me but the Alexia 2 went through me.  Sasha has 2 - 8" bass drivers and the Alexia 2 has an 8" and a 10".

I listen to all types of music including Jazz from the 50's - 60's, Acoustic, classical symphonies, rock and progressive/alternative rock.

Thanks in advance for your honest feedback.
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Congrats!!  Way to go!!  After demoing multiple brands I settled in on a pair of S812's.  I also went with the Alexia's and am extremely happy.  As a former REL owner you know the benefits.....but the one I found most useful and successful is how you connect the REL's directly to your amp like your Wilson's, so the subs get the full range. I also upgraded the REL cable and that produced a much cleaner sound.   My system is on the Audiogon systems page under my name.  Let me know if you need assistance getting to the pics.  Interested in your feedback.

brianslides, if you had the opportunity to directly compare a properly positioned JL F113 with any REL in your system, any pressure you're currently experiencing would be replaced with an eyebrow raising at the reading of woots' waxing.

I did it with a then new $10K Studio III and an early F113.

I believe JL Audio has since remedied your concerns. The F113 was every bit as potent as the Velodyne DD-18 which was also present during that comparison.

I strongly suggest shopping for subwoofers that offer remote volume control. Equalization or optimization presets are another very usable asset. 


By the way I ended up going with Audio Research Ref6se pre amp instead of McIntosh and replaced my McIntosh Mono blocks with an Audio Research Ref160S Amp.  Again everything is updated on my system page.


You make some good points.  For me, the connectivity of the REL sub's was a big plus given location of my mechanical room and my actual listening room. I was able to demo the multiple subs and for me settled in on the REL's.