Upgrading from Martin Logan ESL15a w/Force subs to Wilson Sasha Daw or Alexia 2 w/JL subs

I would like some guidance on switching from ML to the Wilsons mentioned above.  While I do really enjoy the ML I'm looking for something smaller as well a better connection between the highs and lows which both of the Wilsons do better.  There are numerous other things I like about the Wilsons as well.

Currently, I have the McIntosh MC-1.25kwh mono blocks with my ML center powered by a MC-601.  My speaker wire is transparent.  My Processor is a McIntosh MX160 and I am using Roon with a NAS and Lumin Streamer.  I will also be adding a McIntosh pre-amp to improve performance on the 2 channel.  Haven't decided between C2700 or C53 yet.  Adding a Clear Audio Concept turntable but haven't settled in on cartridge.  There is no rush to do anything, so I'm open to opinions.

A couple comments on the Wilson's.....the midrange and tweeter are the same on both but the Alexia 2 has much more adjustability.  While demoing without the subs the Sasha Daw bass hit me but the Alexia 2 went through me.  Sasha has 2 - 8" bass drivers and the Alexia 2 has an 8" and a 10".

I listen to all types of music including Jazz from the 50's - 60's, Acoustic, classical symphonies, rock and progressive/alternative rock.

Thanks in advance for your honest feedback.
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Roon has excellent, digital domain DSP capabilities, so you can adjust far better there than in the Wilsons.
Your desire for bass seems overkill though.  Those are both large speakers, and the JL subs are phenomenal, especially thanks to the room correction. 

Good room treatment lets your speakers behave like they are much larger.  How much time and effort have you put there?
I would recomend a more transparent preamp transparent a mcintosh

For example we have a cj gat series 1 an 18k ttube reference preamp for 5k

This preamp will trounce any Mac preamp

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I appreciate your feedback. Can you help me understand the adjustments to the Roon a little better. 
Also, you mention the subs from JL are very good but you also mention that my bass is overkill.  I’ve always operated with subs in my systems to cover the lower octaves but don’t think it has ever been overkill.  I will also be using the system for movies as well through the MC160. 
As far as room treatments go I’m guilty as charged so fair point. I’ve been fortunate to have decent equipment but not so fortunate convincing my wife with treatments but it’s always worth another attempt. 
So, I think what you are saying is with the Wilson’s I shouldn’t need subwoofers. Both dealers I have talked to say they recommend subs with the Wilson’s. 
Again, thanks for the feedback and appreciate any additional insights or comments you may have. 

where are you located in NJ?  Lived in Colts Neck for 10 years.  I will definitely check out your recommendation and thanks for your response. 
I never cared for Conrad-Johnson.  I would get the McIntosh C2700 preamp.  I have the C2500 and I love it.  It’s my last preamp. 
Almost all systems needs subs unless the mains have active subs.
I would add a watch controller from wilson ($4500). It will take the system to a different level. You could pass higher then too if you are currently coming in under the mains (not as good as passing at 50-60z) imo. The downside is the additional wiring...

JL CR-1 would be a cheaper option. 



Excellent suggestion. My dealer actually recommended that to switch between 2 channel and Home Theater.
I appreciate your suggestion.