Upgrades for Definitive Mythos Loudspeakers

I just wanted to let the Audiophile community know about
this little known upgrade that gives the already very good Mythos ST-STS Loudspeakers at least 15% better
with a crossover upgrade that takes 15 minutes to install
that anyone can do .The top midrange-tweeter section has 6 screws holding in the module.The parts grade in the Mythis from the factory is pure junk, The modifications outfit that does this puts Mills resisitors, Jantzens capacitors and Copper foil inductors .A huge difference in realism , depth and imaging from midbass to the highs
well worth the moneys spent.
Thanks for sharing ! I will try that with mine !
Where do you get the upgrade for Mythis St and what is the price.
Any more on this Audioman? I have a pair of ST's. Any chance
you can compile a complete goodie list?