Upgraded Sonos ZP-80 Power Cord

Hi all:

I have the Cullen modified ZP-80 and am very happy with it as a source. However, the stock ($1.49 on sale at Home Depot) power chord is insulting. Has anyone come up with a real power cord for a Sonos? I would be interested in what would work but more interested in any real life experience with swaping cords.


Joe Seminetta
The only available aftermarket pc that has the right connector is from PS Audio. I am thinking of getting one myself.

Can you please tell me more about the Cullen mod?
Which PS Audio cable has the correct end? I cannot find it on their website. Audioquest might make one as well.

The Cullen Mod is quite good. Much more dynamic (once broken in) than the stock ZP-80. No compatability issues whatsoever. I did a post on this when I first bought it a few months ago.


Joe Seminetta
Its the PS Audio Power Punch.

There is an adaptor which allows you to use any after market power cord. I think I got mine from music direct.

I know there is an extra connection but I like the Shunyata's, and it allowed me to use their PC. I use it with a Rotel RDV-1080 and am quite happy with the performance upgrade.
So, I just received my Power Punch cord from PS Audio. The end is not exactly the same as what fits in the Sonos. One half is round like the sonos but the other half is squared off. Should I file the end to make it round so it fits in the sonos? Please let me know. Thanks.

I did file the ends of the cord and it fits like a glove now. It sounds great with a deeper bottom end. It should sound even better when it breaks in.
Great recommendation Tboooe! I can't believe I've never asked this question myself. I should get my Power Punch tomorrow!
jseminetta, great news! I would be curious to hear your thoughts after the cord breaks in (you to Shazam!, that was a great show by the way!)
Just got it in my system last night and my initial perception is similar to Jseminetta's - a cleaner and deeper bottom end is the most immediate thing to jump out at me. I get hints of better staging here and there that will likely get better as it breaks in a little more. I'm hoping a more consistent power flow will make the clocks that much more accurate and jitter free.

I left it running today while at work, so I should be able to get some good listening in over the week-end. The Cullen mods on the Sonos and PS Audio Dac 3 seem to be settling in nicely as well lately. I'm very happy with this set up now.
Thanks guys! I am planning on upgrading my ZP-80 soon as well. I will try the PS Audio power cord first the move on the Cullen mod.
Audioquest NRG-1 and NRG-1.5 should work
just in case anyone ever checks back on this thread. There is an adaptor that you can put on an IEC power cable to make it fit a c7 input like the sonos. cable co. has them for $20. I am going to give one a shot for grins.
Audioquest NRG-1 works well with my system. No cutting, shaving or carving of the cord end is necessary.