Upgraded power supply Caps?

Hoping to get some input on power supply capacitors. I had a cap in my Classe CA150 burn that is for the preamp signal in the power supply. What I am curious about . Can better or different caps improve bass definition and or response. I like the sound of this amp in my rig however the area I believe is lacking a bit is the bass. The extension and weight are fine but it could be more defined. So if anyone knows if caps can help please advise.
Yes they can. I have some impossible to find Elna Cerafine caps that I subbed into the power supply of a Son Of Ampzilla for just this reason and the difference is a blacker back round with finer transients and deeper sound stage. The amp sounds faster. The originals were Mallory. This was in a recently rebuilt amp so all the parts were new which represents a fair comparison.
Csontos Thanks for input. I will look for the Elna caps in the values I need. If I can not find them I willcan look for another high quality brand. Anyone else with recommendations for good Caps?
Epcos Sikorel and Nichicon KW series are also outstanding.
I agee with Csontos ,I did the powersupply upgrade in my ARC REF 3 preamp which is available in the REF 5 to change it to REF 5 SE ( + some more upgrades ) Iused the Nichicon
cabs , also used by ARC