Upgrade turntable or preamp next?

I just bought the Vandersteen 3A sigs and the Bel Canto Evo 2 amp. I already have a Conrad Johnson PV 12 preamp with phono stage which I bought new in 1997 and a VPI HW 19 Jr turntable which I bought new the same year. I play lots of records, but also listen to cds at home about 25% of the time. I've been thinking about either buying a Supratek preamp next or getting a better turntable in the 3,000-4,000 dollar range. Which do you think would have the most positive effect on the system? In other words, which is my weakest link? Thanks for your help.
upgrade the TT -- check out the VPI Aries (IMHO a super 'table for the $$). Call VPI and they will help you figure out your best upgrade for the $$...
The Supratek will be your last preamp. It's that good. I've had the opportunity to audition one at length in my own system using my LP12 and also a Teres 265. No doubt, in my case I'd rather have the Syrah than any other upgrade.
Looking at your present set up and listening preference(%75 analog,%25 digital) without knowing what cartridge you have on the VPI Jr, my advice is try to upgrade the VPI JR and/or a high quality MC cartridge (if you don't already have one),the result may be better than upgrade to more expensive preamp. If you upgrade to a higher quality preamp now, you still need to improve your analog front end later to take advantage of your outstanding speakers and the rest of your source components.
Upgrade the turntable and arm first with a good cartridge. The VPI Aries is a good choice. I have the Aries and 10.0 with Shure V15vxMR and no complaints. There are better cartridges than my Shure, like the Sumiko Blackbird and others at 600-800.00, but the Shure sings pretty good. If you want the best Aries, get the extended Aries with the 12.5 which pushes what I have a bit farther. Also, get the VPI tonearm cable. You can also the AR HT130 for a budget tonearm cable which is very good, but a bit lean for 25.00 or so. Or, you can get a Cardas Neutral Reference which is outstanding. The Golden Reference is great sounding but can hum as a tonearm cable. Good luck, jallen
Thanks to all. Do you recommend the regular VPI Aires or the Black Knight? Also, would a Teres be better than the Aires?