Upgrade to Nautilus 805 Signature?

Hi fellow Audiogoners. I have an opportunity to trade up my current N805s to the 805 Signatures. Should I take this opportunity? Do the 805 Signatures really sound that much better? Or should I just add an Sony SCD-1 to my system and keep the regular 805s? Thanks for checking out my thread. Any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated.
Blaine, do you have a chance to hear the 805 Signatures in your home system? If so, then let your ears decide. Have you read the thread above on SACD-2? Something to think about. Good listening.
I have the 805 Sig's, and without question there is a big difference in the sound quality. To start with there is bass that you do not have now that you will have with the Sig,s. The sound stage opens up with the Sig's.
My problem is that I now have a dedicated room and if I Knew that going into this 2 months ago I would have gone with the 802's.
Yes, the improvement is obvious. If you are already a Nautilus fan then you probably won't be disappointed. The above suggestion to audition them is a good one.

I shopped the Nautilus and I am leaning toward the KEF Referance, probably the 205.

i have yet to make a decision as I now need to check out the Tannoy.
I heard the Signature 805's & they are a whole other creature compared to the N805. In the past couldn't hear any major difference between the Cdm1-nt's & the standard N805's. The Signatures made my wallet wiggle!

I did get a chuckle out of the brochure as the original 805's where Snubbed by Stereophile for Sacd use.
B&W in Very Large print mentioned that the speaker was completely redesigned peticularly for High-Res Sacd/Dvd-A use.

I have owned 2 Scd-1's in the past, at this stage I'd opt for the Signatures. Unless you can stumble across a Scd-1 for the upgrade difference.

Yet I'd still wait to see what the rest of the high end makers will bring to the sacd table as it seems there all starting to now FINALLY after 6 years surface.
Yet the line-up of Monitors really changes at the Signature 805's list price range. I'd have to really question the 805's -vs- JM Labs Micro Utopias -vs- Wilson-Benesch Arcs.
Yet the line-up of Monitors really changes at the Signature 805's list price range. I'd have to really question the 805's -vs- JM Labs Micro Utopias -vs- Wilson-Benesch Arcs -vs-...........
Oops "TRADE UP" ???

If your Bowers & Wilkins dealer is letting you trade up at exactly what you paid for your old 805's, then by all means the upgrade is a No Brainer!!!
Thanks for all the responses. Unfortunalty I do not have the opportunity to audition the 805 Signatures. I would love to audition the Wilson Arcs, but again I do not have any extreme high end dealers nearby.

I do realize that the trade up would be a no brainer. Its a bummer that I could not listen before the trade up. If I do trade up though, I know that just from the great feedback that I received I will most likely be in for a heart palpitating treat.
Blaine think - Nike "Just Do It" & Enjoy!
How is your dealer letting you upgrade???
I ask this because I just took home the N805s 6 weeks ago..and i would love to trade them Up to the Sig 805 if the fee was right. I love the N805 but the no brainer is that the Sigs are that much better sounding (and looking)
Please let me know the details of this upgrade...
As I would try to do the same thing!