Upgrade SMc DNA-1 With A Plitron Transformer

Has anyone had experience with upgrading their amplifier with a Plitron LoNo transformer. I am upgrading my SMc DNA-1 and that is one of the upgrade options. My amplifier presently has the Pacific transformer. Thanks
OP - I have a Gold Special DNA-1.  The original transformer is about the only stock thing left in my amp.  Steve McCormack never pressed me about going to the Plitron, but that's not to say that it wouldn't be an improvement.  If you haven't done so, I would suggest discussing it with Steve.  I have had my stock amp. upgraded three times by Steve.  This last time was basically a rebuild of the amp.  It sounds totally neutral, just passing the input signal to the speakers so they can do their thing.  I plan to keep my amplifier forever.  Literally.  I would suggest discussing all options with Steve.  He has never disappointed me.

Thanks for the suggestion. Pat/Mod Squad and I have had several discussion on the Plitron. From my research, the Plitron transformer is a good improvement in different amplifiers. My DNA-1 was upgraded to the Gold + some Platinum options in July 2014. One of the Platinum options was going from the stock Counterpoint to Pacific transformer. The Gold Upgrade was changed in Dec 2014. In any event I will check with Steve to get his opinion. Yes, the revised DNA-1 is a very neutral amp and it allowed me to eliminate my preamp.