Upgrade from Parasound Halo A23?

I'm interested in upgrading from my Parasound A23 amplifier which drives a pair of ProAc Response SC1's through a Meridian 562v preamp (with Meridian's built in D-A converter). After about 6 years with this amp, I think it's time to move up a step or two. Don't need a huge amount of power, but would like something a little warmer. Recommendations?
This isn't what you asked but......why not think about getting something like the 3 Channel Butler SS/Tube and add a processor from Meridian (can't rember name for the match on the 562).Then latter you could get spare SC1 or timbre matching center?The Butler is nice SS/valve and the Meridian with a center is great the only 3 channel stereo that I think "get's it right".

Other than that you have a good match for a $2K speaker.Me I would think about holding off and getting better Pro-Ac with more base (like SC2's) or speaker you'd like.But I guess I would look for something with better mids and a bit less "etched sound".Used Bryston 3BST????
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