upgrade from Paradigm S1's to S2's V2 series???

I have a full Paradigm Signature Series S1's, C1 and ADP1's. I have been pondering upgrading to the S2's, C3 and the ADP3's all V2 series. Is there much difference per dollar in performance to do this. I have everything hooked up to Synergistic Research Tesla series bi-wired Accelerator speaker wire and other Tesla cords. I also have a SVS PB13 Ultra subwoofer for bass and it blends perfect with the Signatures. Any comments will help
You may want to wait to upgrade as the Signature v3's are currently being unveiled at the CEDIA show.
the s1s are outstanding speakers--i'm not sure what you hope to gain by upgrading to the s2s, which are essentially the same drivers/design.--granted the s2s may extend deeper, but you have an excellent sub, so that shouldn't be a consideration. of course, it's your money, but if i was upgrading for upgrade's sake (certainly a valid undetraking), i would try out a completely different line so as to experience something completely different.