Upgrade from Jolida 302B A Rogue Cronus ?

Would a Rogue Audio Cronos be a good upgrade compared to the Jolida 302B I am now using?

Any suggestions? Has anyone heard these integrated amps side by side?

Thanks for any advice. I would be pairing the amp with Tyler Acoustic D3M speakers.
Haven't heard the Jolida so can't compare for you, will simply state that until recently I had a Cronus Magnum 90 wpc versus the base model 55 wpc with the same speakers, good synergy.

Just some other fyi
Magnum comes with KT90,s but can use the EL34, or if you can get socket savers you can use KT88s or KT120s in that version per Mark (need the savers because the bases of those tubes exceed the width of the Cronus tube openings in the housing. Used NOS RFT 12au7s; and NOS Tungsol 5751 in the 12 ax7 positions