Upgrade from Classe SSP 800 processor

Hey there,
I’ve been using the Classe SSP 800 in my dedicated home theater room for a while now and while its sound quality is spectacular I think it’s time for me to explore a new current processor that can decode new surround sound formats eg Dolby Atmos, DTS-X, Auro 3D, etc.
Any suggestions?

My SSP 800 has been used strictly for surround sound (home theater) as I do have a separate dedicated stereo setup and system in a separate two-channel listening room. So that said, the new processor will also be used strictly for home theater (surrounds).

My current home theater gears are the following :
* Oppo UDP 205.
* Sony 4k OLED tv (85").
* Classe SSP 800.
* Classe Delta CAM-600 monoblock amps to power my front LR speakers.
* Classe Delta CAM-300 monoblock amp (single) to power my center speaker.
* Classe Delta CA-2300 five-channel amp to power my surrounds.
* B&W 800 D3 front speakers.
* B&W 800 HTML1 D3 center speaker.
* B&W 804 D3 & 805 D3 for surrounds.
*JL Audio Gotham subwoofer.
* 2 of Audioquest Niagara 7000 power product.

I am going to start working on remodeling my dedicated HT room in order to accommodate additional overhead speakers for Atmos setup. And when I get a new processor I will also need to get additional multi-channel amps to power additional speakers necessary.
I might get rid of my B&W 804 D3 & 805 D3 surround speakers and get the B&W 800 D3 in-wall or on-wall speakers for surrounds instead. 

Any ideas as to what new av preamp processor to get? The one that’s capable of decoding Dolby Atmos & DTS-X. But I'm keeping all the Classe Delta series power amps and will need additional multi-channel amps to power additional overhead speakers etc possibly another Classe amps. 

Thanks in advance guys.


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I’m in the same spot with currently using a SSP-800.  After doing some research I believe I’m going to go with a Lyngdorf MP-50.   Sounds like the room correction software is really top notch.  You may want to check out some of the reviews.

Not cheap, though.   I’m in the process of saving at the moment.
Caphill,  I’m big in to two channel as well so I have gryphon diablo 300 that I use in home theater by pass mode for the L/R(for two Chanel I have a aurender n10 I use with the gryphon).   For the center, surround speakers and left and right back I have a Krell theater amplifier standard that has always worked really well.  The front channel speakers are Focal Sopra 3s with the matching center.   Surrounds are all def tech inwalls.   Also have 2 JL audio f112 subs.   Sounds really good, but like you, I feel it’s time to move on.
Awesome system! Congrats!  

I dont think, at least initially, I will add the extra speakers.   I’m really looking for the 4K switching and the room correction.   Plus the video on my ssp-800 has been dropping out occasionally, which is really annoying.  Not sure what is going on with that.
It’s been dropping out with the Xbox one, oppo 205, and directv box.   All when feeding a epson projector or a Sony 4K tv.   It just started doing this about 2 months ago.   Weird...
Yep all my firmwares are up to date.  Checked that several times.   I have mine set up the same way you do in that one hdmi out put from the oppo sends video and the other sends audio.

Only the video drops out while the sound continues.  The LED or the projector just give a message that says source lost.   Than about 30 seconds later it comes back.   I’ve never had this issue before either.   I’ll probably reach out to the classe dealer at some point to get it fixed( so I can sell it).  Probably after I get The lyngdorf.  I’m pretty committed to getting that.
Actually I looked at it again and I am only running the one hdmi cable to my ssp800 from the oppo.  I had the dual output set up on my oppo 105 that I had before.

My HDMI run from the ssp to the projector is a long run of about 25 feet but I’ve never had any problems with that before.  The run to he tv is only 8 feet.   Trouble is I have video drop outs on both and from various sources-Xbox, oppo, directTV.   Only thing I can think of would be something going on with the ssp800 video.
Just an update on my end...    I ended up buying a new Lyngdorf MP-50 as well and just got it installed and fine tuned yesterday.   Simply incredible is all I can say.   I absolutely loved my Classe(until I had all of the Video drop outs), but can say with the Room Correction programmed and engaged that the MP-50 has taken movies to a whole new level.   Very impressed.

I'm working with my dealer to have Classe SSP-800 looked at.   If it is not too expensive to get it fixed, I will probably do that and list it here on audiogon.

Caphill - I've never listened to the Classe Sigma series class D amps, but I would think it would work great for Atmos speakers--small and compact with a lot of power.   If I ever decide to get the top front and top back speakers for Atmos I will probably do the same.   Right now I am running a 7.2 system.
I have an older Krell Theater Amplifier Standard 5 channel for the surrounds and use a Gryphon Diablo 300 in Home Theater Bypass for the L and R channels(for two channel music listening I use just the Diablo).

I'm considering going to a 7.2.4 Atmos setup.  My problem is that I am really maxed out on my AV shelving at the moment so I would need to go with something small like the Classe Sigma to wedge the extra 4 channels in to the system. 
I really like it and the room calibration was very easy and works really well(99% calibrated).  
A couple of comments though...

First, I find that the Classe is more configurable overall than the MP-50.    A lot more different settings and configuration options in the menus.   Not that I needed all of them, but they were there if I did.

Second, initially I found the detail and soundfield of the mp-50 to be crazy good, but after a while noticed that some of the body that the classe had was not there; plus was a bit fatiguing.   Wasn’t sure if it was the result of the room correction or just the house sound of the lyngdorf.  I changed the powercord out to a Audioquest Hurricane that I had been using on my renderer and all of a sudden it was there again.   The body and fullness I had before plus the hi def soundfield.

Overall I am very happy with it as a home theater processor.    

BTW- I did compare the two channel capabilities of the Lyngdorf and internal Dac to my Gryphon Diablo 300 and Chord Dave DAC to see what would happen.   The gryphon with the chord was a lot better, but I would have been amazed if it had not been.

How about you?   Thoughts?

I agree with you completely on your comments of comparing the two channel performance of the gryphon/Chord vs the lyngdorf internal DAC.   I just did it because I was curious how they would compare.

I’ll be curious how you feel about the MP-50 once it is broken in.   I, honestly, don’t think mine is broken in yet either.

Great two channel system, by the way.  I’ve always been a fan of Naim and I bet their statement amps sound fantastic!
Caphill,  Yes, I ran into a problem with it only having xlr outputs as well.   My Gryphon only has a rca input for the HT pass through so I had to use xlr to rca adapters.
I’m really surprised that Gryphon decided on rca instead of xlr for their HT pass through input.   
Cap hill,  Yea, you are probably right.   I’ve seen a jensen converter that I think have some sort of transformers in them to mitigate hum.   I may give those a try.  

I haven't had a chance to respond, but honestly I think that caphill summarized it perfectly; especially," Even when used for surround sound movies or HT the SSP 800 has more body and volume and is more balanced tonally than the Lyngdorf IMO but the Lyngdorf MP-50 sounded more exciting with better clarity, tad better details, resolution and better stirring of the surround sound than the SSP 800."  He's dead on.   

The MP-50 is a great surround sound processor and I really like the room correction.   However the SSP-800 is what I would call a processor that is really designed for music as well as movies.   I miss hearing the music scores from movies through the SSP(ie Lord of the Rings trilogy) that would really pull you in to the movie.    The more neutral sound of the MP-50 makes dialogue, etc more clearer, though, but the music through the SSP800 is very nice.

One note, I have found that changing power cords on the MP-50 changed the sonic character of it a bit. 

First that I'm hearing that Classe may make a high end processor again to replace the 800.   I'm interested to see what they come up with!
The Bryston SP4 looks interesting.  I noticed in one of the pictures it says that it’s,”Made in France”.   I believe Bryston is a Canadian company.  I wonder if they have someone building it for them?