upgrade for Electrocompaniet EMC-1?

Hi, does anybody know when the supposedly upsampling or whatever upgrade for the EMC-1 is going to be available?
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Hi Rmml, glad you asked. I have been wondering the same thing. A friend called the importer of the EMC-1 and he said that the update will not be available until all EMC-1 inventory has been sold. Neither the dealer or importer would say what the upgrade will be. If I can find more usful information I will post again and or email you. How ya been Rmml
I've been fine Brulee, I need to email you an update on the result of the speaker cable shootout by the way, plus I made a few changes on my equipments. I'll email you the details.I hope everything is great on your end.
Also thanks for the update on the EMC-1.