Upgrade Denon-2200 to Toshiba HD-DVD?

Does anybody have experience with the new Toshiba HD-A1?
I just upgraded all of my components to an Anthem AVM30 sound processor, Parasound A51 amp, and Paradigm Studio s100 speaker systems. I want to upgrade my Denon 2200 DVD player and was thinking that the new basic Toshiba HD-A1 HD-DVD player might be worth looking at...
I'm sure the video is much better than the Denon 2200, but I'm concern about the sound!
Before upgrading, all I did was watch movies. Now I still watch a lot of movies, but also listen to stereo CD's, not SACD.

Has anybody had to chance to "Listen" to this player?

Is the sound quality as good or better than a Denon 2200?
I have the HD-XA1. I don't know what the Denon-2200 sounds like on redbook CD but the Toshiba is mediocore. You really are buying it for the movies. I will say that the sound of the movies is a night and day difference from standard DVD.
Your first step should be to decide for yourself whether better CD sound or a better picture is your top priority.

I own a Denon 2200 and a 2910, as well, and I really like how easy they are to use, along with their versatility. The 2200 you own would make a good transport if you want to explore better audio through an external DAC. There are endless recent threads on the merits of that approach and the choices range from less than $200 to multiple thousands of dollars.
Thanks for your feed back about the DAC. Have not thought about using a DAC before. Maybe that will be a good route to go.
I just purchased a HD-AX1 on Friday and sold my 2910 to the salesguy. CD's do not sound as good, movie picture and sound are much better. CD's sound harder on the ears, not as delicate and warm as the 2910 can be. The 2910 is very easy to use and the HD-DVD player has issues in that area. If i pause a movie and switch to cable, the HD-DVD resets itself and goes back to the main menu. HD-DVD's take a minute to load, but CD's and Standard DVD's load almost as quick as the 2910.

In the end, are you a movie guy or a music guy? Forget that the player is an HD-DVD player, if you want better video performance in standard DVD's, the Toshiba is the call, if you are looking for better music quality, then the Denon is the call.
Thanks for the feedback. Holenneck, your response really helped me decide what to do. I'm thinking about buying the HD DVD player and then buying a high-quality CD later.

Or just buy a very high-quality standard DVD and CD player, like maybe an Arcam DV78.

Thanks again!