Upgrade crossover and internal wiring? Who?

I am in the market for new speakers but before I go down that route I wanted to give upgrading the crossover components and internal wiring a shot. The problem is I have no idea what I am doing. Are there any good speaker builders or electricians out there that would be willing to take on this little project? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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Google VR3 mods. He does crossover mods using any level of parts that you wish and does good work to boot.

First and foremost, any reputable loudspeaker manufacturer conducts a lot of research and development in any product that they decide to manufacture and market. Depending on the sensitivity of the loudspeaker, the cabling used, the amplification, as well as rest of the system - any modifications you make to the loudspeaker circuitry and internal wiring will make a difference. However, the outcome of that change is unknown until you do it. You may want to just open the box, observe what type of capacitors are used on the circuitboard. Observe the name and value/rating of the capacitor, then replace that one capacitor only on each circuitboard left and right channel with another brand to see if you can appreciate that change. This may be enough to satisfy you without spending too much money. Sure, you can always replace the wiring later if you desire. However if you are at the point where cost is no object - it will most definitely pay bigger dividends to move up the speaker line and get a much better loudspeaker engineered specifically for high-performance.