unrepairable Proceed PMDT

HK can't repair my Proceed PMDT.
However they have offered an
Lexicon RT-10 as a replacement,
the PMDT was under warranty.
Does anyone have any insite on
the sound of the Lexicon. I'll be
using it as a transport feeding
a AVP2+6. Already have a Sony
cd/sacd/dvd that I'm happy with.
Same thing happened to me. You see a ton of NIB for sale here on Gon. I ended up using the Sony ES9000 as the transport which for me worked just fine. You really don't have many options other than to ask for a 20T. If you have all your warranty info that may be a option.
I was in the same boat as you, but opted to pay the difference and got the RT-20 instead. A much better all around unit and worth the money. Maybe your dealer can work you a deal, I paid retail diff. I was not impressed with the RT-10 I used previously.
I now have the RT-10 in the system.
It's not as bad as I thought it would
be, but it's no replacement for
the PMDT. HK offered a RT-20 for
1500 but I thought the extra cost
was for video. Wish they give me money
so I could buy a Sony SCD-X9000ES.
The Sony I have now is DVP-NS9999ES.
My dealer does not carry Lexicon, just
ML. Maybe I'll buy a NO.51 transport
YA!!!! not after this.