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Audioquest/SME 10 DIN cable issues on the Wild model
JwpstaymanThank you very much for the information.  That explains everything.  So I guess my choices are to mill  it down or replace the end? 
Sweet spot in the AudioQuest line of cables
I appreciate the feedback looking for some info on the middle of there line. 
Tube Amps for Revel Salons
Let me give you an inexpensive option. I am currently running this package and I'm very happy with it. Prima Luna mono blocks on the top of the Salon's and a solid state amp on the bottom. I tie the two together with a dbx driverack that has been ... 
Best amps match for Revel Ultima Salon?
I own a pair of the original series ones and it has been my experience that the Harmon amps (proceed,ML,Lexicon,) have worked best for me. I was shocked the day I sold my Pass x600s and hooked up my Proceed Amp 5 to use until my new amps arrived. ... 
Help me pick a power amp
You might want to look at a Parasound HCA 750 or 1000. They also can be strapped into mono unlike the Adcom's and that allows you an upgrade path. 
Krell 400xi vs s300i ----
I sold my 400 to buy the 300 within the last 90 days. I also sold my SACD at the same time so this comparison may not be he best but here you go. SACD replaced by Krell Showcase DVD until new matching player for the 300 is released. Fit and finish... 
Where to send amp to get a power cord update
Looking for somewhere on the east coast if possible. Thanks though. 
Best speaker under $1K...... used market
Might want to look at some used Martin Logans 
Reclaim sound from the past?
Thanks all for your feedback...the best sound I have gotten from the Salons was when the front end and amps have been in the Levinson family. I was amazed at how much better the Proceed AMP 5 sounded than the Pass 600s it didn't make sense from a ... 
Processor as a DAC for music?
Thanks all for the feedback 
Processor as a DAC for music?
I appreciate the feedback however I was looking at it from the standpoint that many of the more expensive HT pre/pro had better two channel preamps in the $500-1000 used range than the same price point in something that was 2 channel only. Plus yo... 
Is the market changeing?
Traditionally prices in the summer drop due to people spending more time outside. It will be interesting to see what they do this year 
What current China import sounds like a CJ??
NrchyAt this point no one has stated that x amp sounds similiar to a CJ. Whereas several ads actually mention that it is designed to sound like the Mac 275 Marantz 8B etc. All I was looking for and the reason I posted at all was to see if anyone e... 
What current China import sounds like a CJ??
Ok we have political discussion about trade issues. Can I get anyone refocused on my question??? 
What current China import sounds like a CJ??
Please a little less polictics and a little more feedback please!!