Unknown pair of Dynaudios


Has anybody heard of the Dynaudio Facettes? I might of spelled them wrong but it is something like that. I heard these were really good speakers but I cant find anything on the web about them. Does anybody know which drivers they use and what the specs are on them. Also can anybody describe what they look like.

thanks in advance
I don't know what Dynaudio drivers they use but I do know they were an older, top of the line model that had a facetted (sp?) cabinet sort of like a pyramid rather then a box. It's hard to describe but if you e-mail Dynaudio I'm sure they would be able to give you some more detailed info.
In Dynaudio's handbook "book of truth", they have a picture of this Facette speakers. If you were to look top down, it would have a trapezoid shape if the back is flat. I don't know what the back of the speaker looks like, but front has three faces. They use the same Esotec tweeter as in Contour and 2 woofers. I thought Dynaudio never mass produced this speakers, they were meant to be a R&D project.
I am searching my head of. Does anyone know if the Facette contains Esotec (D260) or Esotar (T330) tweeters?