Universal Players Denon 2910 of Marantz DV 7600

Hi Everyone:

Well my cheap DVD player finally blew up...Not going to use this player to play cds but would like to test out sacd and dvd audio (2 channel only) and also need good video quality.

Not looking to spend a ton and the reviews on these two players have been pretty good.

Any input or other suggestions are appreciated.
Hi John,

I have not auditioned the Denon - so cannot comment on it.

I have compared the Marantz 7600 with SA8260 for a whole day in my home. The SA8260 is a absolute classy player. Comparing the DV7600 to it - the DV 7600 did not loose ground. The SACD and RBCD playback was really good. I can say that it acheived about 80-85% of SA8260's qualities. The video quality is also very nice. It is a real good buy that you will not repent.
Thanks, Milpai...I appreciate your input
I have owned the 2910 for a year now and I love the sound and picture. However, it vibrates a lot with sacd's. Others have had the same problem with regular cd's. There doesn't seem to be a negative effect, but I still wish it wouldn't vibrate so much.