Universal player CD/DVD with XLR analog outputs ?

Anybody could recommend a universal player(CD/DVD) with XLR analog outputs ?
Budget is around $1000 for a used one.
Thanks in advance!
There is one up for auction right now! A Faroudja DVP4000. I bought one of these this year. It's a $15000 unit and they go for around $2000 used. I love it. IMHO it plays CD better than my EMM Labs, and DVD better than my Meridian G98.......by a long shot!
Sorry Antikaudio.....not sure if it has XLR! I will have to look when I get home, I'm using RCA! The one on here that was on auction is still for sale by user "naturalsoundinc"
esoteric dv-50 is abit above yourstated price, but may be worth listening to...