amp issues -run2 ch and JL Audio subs -no outputs

I have an issue where I would like to attempt to run 1 or 2 JL Audio F113 subs with my main 2 channel system and roll of the higher freq to my amps so that they don' have to handle as much of a power load

I have 1 JL Audio F113 in my other HT system. It adds a very distinct and musical bottom end. I thought I could test the option with this but it looks like I need additional hardware - crossover. No real stereo (+/-) inputs and outputs to do this. with the sub itself.

I would prefer to leave manufacturer's names out of this discussion as it is more system synergy than an amp or speaker defect and I do not want to leave a false impression on great gear.

Nor do I have the equipment listed in my system here at audiogon. Feel free to contact me directly and we can discuss specifics.

I recently went to new speakers with 84 dBZ sensitivity and 4 ohm that a 140 watt tube amp will not drive sufficiently. The amp clips even at mid levels degrading the signal significantly. I use Speltz Zeros to treat the speaker like an 8-12 ohm load.

The speakers go down to 22 hz - 1.5 dB down and really go deep with a very high powered solid state amp - as I have heard then at RMAF. I have another 200 watt solid state amp that clips tehmat 300 watts, drives them well, good bottom end but I don't like it's tonal characteristics. I also have a hybrid amp that I used on my last speakers requiring less power and it was tonal bliss. These will not drive the new speakers sufficiently at all.

What I would like to test than possibly do, is put the JL Audio F113 sub in the system to handle the lowest freq, crossover to mono blocks and biwire to my main speakers.

The JL Audio only has single RCA and single balanced/1/4" inputs (assuming it's signal is coming from an HT receiver). I use an Arcam 600VR to great effect with it in my HT system. It only has one output which is for a slave subwoofer. It also has a rolloff and relative volume setting for the amp which is 2300 watts.

Not sure I could really do this effectively, nor with too much sound degradation. I imagine I need a crossover coming out of my analog preamp, seperating out the low and high freq which go to the sub or subs and mono blocks. I would prefer to stay away from a digital system and the less is more straight signal path is best.

Is this even viable? Is the volume matching an issue?

Just want to look at my options before I consider addressing other aspects of my system

Your comments welcome,

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I may just use a solid state pair of mono blocks that I own on the low end and tube monos on the highs

run these into their respective low and high freq binding posts on the speakers

Is there an analog type crossover with minimal signal degradation that will do this?

I don't think you can run full spectrum and be able to lower the power needed by the amps below the current threshold.

The NHT X-2 is a very good, low cost solution for your needs. Now discontinued, but available used from time to time.

BTW, there are also (generally much) more expensive options from the likes of Bryston, Accuphase, and Marchand (tube) that offer similar functionality.

I'm going to bi amp straight out of the pre amp. Use the drivers in my speakers which go to 22 hz and the low end amp will have attenuator volume matching controls.

thanks for the insight