Unity Audio Fountainhead Recommend a Center??

I have 4 Unity Audio Fountainhead speakers as my mains and rears. Yep main and rears. I am looking for the best match for a center speaker.

Outlaw 950 reciever
Media Room is 25 feet by 40 Feet

Unity Spec's
Frequency Responce 30Hz to 25kHz
Impedance 8 ohms minimum 6 ohms
Efficiency 90 dB/1W
1" silk dome one model above the one used on the Merlin TSM
Midreange/Wooker 6.5" poly cone
Subwoofer 10.5
Crossover frequencies of 135Hz and 2kHz
300watts power

Unity is out of business and I would like to get a nice center to go with this system.
Contact Bob Grost - he is now at www.cerioustechnologies.com

Obviously no one could possibly give you better advice than the designer.

Ken Golden
I am sure he is very busy with Cerious technologies, which is out of my price range (at this time) I will try and se if he has time. He has helped me find a single Fountainhead speaker and I don't want to bug him too much.
The single Fountainhead speaker is, of course, the ideal center channel.

Great I would love to use a Unity Audio Fountainhead center... Right.. Never find one.. Never made.. I have found a center and it works great. Wilson .. Something speaker.. purchased at an estate sale. Sure is big and sound great.. Thank to everyone who checked out this request.

Wilson.. They make good speakers RIGHT>>