Undecided on Amp to drive Sonus Faber GPH package

I just placed an order on SF Grand Piano Home along with Solo and Walls. I am currently using a low level receiver and thinking of getting an amp to fully enjoy the coming babe. My music tatse is mostly classical and jazz, but also want to incorporate the home theatre into the decision making since I got the whole system. Budget is between 2k to 3k, either brand new or nearly new, dont mind if it's tube/ss/seperate/integrated as long as it's good. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
I own the original Sonus Faber Grand Piano Speakers. I was using the BOW Wazoo 50wpc integrated amplifier but decided these speakers required much more power so I switched to the McIntosh Integrated MA6900 200 wpc. My Grand Piano Speakers sound terrific and all my friends agree. They are very warm sounding speakers that include the right musical details and dynamics. They have great liquidity and smoothness over the full range of music. I suggest you listen to your speakers in your room (if possible) with your amplifier of choice and make your own decision. If you listen at a Retailer, please use the amp you expect to use to ensure all is okay sound wise. Also, please search on Audiogon for "Sonus Faber Grand Piano" for more comments. cheers....
Thank you, Hgeifman.
After reading all the posts, I've come up some candidates:
Musical Fidelity A308 Int Amp
Audio Refinement Pre5 + Multi5
McIntosh MA 6900
Krell 400 xi
Jadis Orchestra
But my dilema is if i go with the intergated, how can i do with the rest of the speakers for multi-channel?
If you're doing multi-channel, you probably want to go with either a reciever,
a receiver plus outboard amplification, or a surround processor plus outboard
amplification. If you're doing 5.1 you need 5 channels of amplification. If
you are going to use a receiver plus outboard amplification, you can choose
ouboard amplification for all five channels or just the front left and right. If
you choose outboard amplification for the front L & R, you can use the
receiver's internal amps for the other channels.