Sonus Faber Aida (I) vs IL Cremonese?

Sonus Faber Aida (I) or IL Cremonese?

Amps are McIntosh MC1.2KW for front channel speakers. 

Would be integrated in home theater (70/30 2 channel:home theater ratio) set up with S.F. Vox as Center channel and dual ML Dynamo 1000s as subs. B&W cwm7.3 in walls to left and right and B&W ccm683 in ceiling. 

I listen to pretty much everything. Vinyl, CD, and stream on Apple Music with Cambridge Audio CXN V2 (waiting for Qobuz to add more to library). 

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The Aida is my favorite point source loudspeaker. Not only does it sound wonderful but it is beautiful to behold. If I were not an ESL junky it would certainly be the speaker I would go with. The Macs will drive them fine. For the best sound with music I would turn all that other stuff off. The Aida is one of the very few loudspeakers that added subs might be more of a detraction than benefit. All that other stuff will damage their beautiful imaging. Turn it on for theater only.