Uh oh, I'm hooked - just fixed my NAD CD player

Bought a NAD C521BEE here, and found to my dismay that half the time I put a CD in, I got the dreaded 'No Disk' message.

Thought I needed a new CD reader, but I mucked around in Google for a bit and found that someone suggesting trying to adjust the potentiator right next to the laser reader.

A slight counter-clockwise turn and now the player works perfectly!

I don't even think a refund would have made me quite as happy ;-)
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You da' man!
Have you tried unplugging it with the power on,waiting a minute or two then plugging it back in? I have found that this works much like with a computer problems. I was told to try this from a local audio shop owner with 30 years in the biz and it has worked for me with various equipment. I know it may sound too easy but it's worked for me.
I had a California Audio Labs Tercett that I did that with and I was able to get cdr's to play on it.