Fixed a hum, still have a question

I have a dedicated circuit supplying power to my outlet strip/line conditioner. I was having a persistent hum through Dunlavy speakers powered with EAD Powermaster 1000. Other componenets are EAD Theatermaster and Pioneer Elite DVD. All are connected to outlet strip. I got rid of the hum after inserting a cheater plug with no ground pin into the wall outlet. Can I leave it like this or do I have to reconnect the ground in some fashion?

Thanks - Dave
leave it...... nothing will happen ... at least it hasn't to me in several years.
You'd be safer with installation of an isolated ground since your existing ground is apparently noisy. If your strip/conditioner is a Chang, or similar with integral surge protection, then a ground is required in order for the protection device to have a place to shunt any supressed transients.
You could also go over your electrical system's connections for tightness & cleanliness, including the ground stake connection. Fixing any issues there could eliminate the hum problem while retaining the safety of a proper ground.
Any satelite dish or cable company connection to this system? If yes, then you need a baluns or isolation transformer to break the ground loop the safety grounds (required for lightning protection) create.
I do have a satelite dish connected to system. Where would I find information on an isolation transformer? Could I disconnect the ground wire from my power outlet and run a new ground to just serve that outlet? would that change anything? Thanks - Dave
Most home theater retailers should be very familiar with the device you need as ground loops are a very common problem. Often referred to as a baluns (transformer) isolation transformer or ground breaker. Prices start reasonable at under $10 and go up. The device mounts easily to your 75 ohm signal line usually near your sat receiver (but can go any place AFTER the ground block connection). Don't mount the device between the dish and the ground block or you'll defeat the safety ground.

You will find much additional info within the forums if you try the search engine (try: hum or ground loop).
I just noticed a very affordable new (to me) coaxial isolation transformer device in the MCM Electronics preferred customer catalog. This one has type-F male at one end & female at the other. Stock #33-6925 list $17.19, presently selling for $12.95.