Tyler Acoustics with Jolida 302b and cdp?

I have a Jolida 302b and the Jolida CDP JD100 and am interested in some new speaks that will provide a nice soundstage and nice detail without becoming bright. I have noticed the Tyler Acoustics Signature Monitors and the Seas Odin diy kit. Both seem very similar, but the Tyler's have a nice cabinet and are advertised at 92db while the Odin kit advertises 89db.
Fist of all, are these good speakers for my equipment? And can anyone explain the difference in advertised sensitivity? Has anyone built the Seas kit?
Yes, the Tylers are a perfect match for your equipment. Tyler demos each year with Jolida at CES/THE Show in Vegas.

As for the difference in advertised sesitivity... Keep in mind that while they use the same drivers, the Tylers are not just Odins in a fancy box... This is not to imply the Odin kit is not also excellent sounding in its own right.

Vandersteen 2Ce Signatures are a great match for that set up and you will be well positioned for eventual tube amp upgrade(s). These speakers provide all you are looking for from your description.