I have two power conditioners and would like to use the Power Block + Titan for the videos and HTPC (hate to plug the PC into the same line, don't you too?) For the BPT, I am only using it for the audio system which is for critical listening. My Tice user manual said not to plug anything other power conditioners within the same circuit... I would like to know if there is any advantages / disadvantages plugging two power conditioners into the same wall outlet? Does HTPC power supply ruin the power quality within the same power line, what to do to solve the problem? I want to have everything protected, I am confused of what to do... Your feedback will be appreciated.
In parallel it should be ok (in the same wall socket). I would not recommend to connect two power conditioners in series (one connected to the other).
Good choice on the Tice.I use 6 Tice Powerblocks and 5 Tice Titans.I also have 6 dedicated 20A lines,also two 15A receptacles and two 20A redeptacles on shared lines.Each Tice pair is connected to each own 20A dedicated receptacle .I noticed that the few times that I plugged two pairs of Tice Powerblock/Titan into same duplex,my breaker tripped.I guess the in rush current or something.All my digital components are seperated from analog and video .I am a big fan of Tice conditioners,but I also use the Monster and PS Audio products.On my tube monoblocks amps I use this rarely seen conditioner called JC Audio ISO 1100 power conditioner,it is great unit and at the back the outlet reads Jena Labs cryo .I picked up used from Audiogon two years ago.Best regards

Have you ever plugged a Power Plant into the Powerblocks?
The draw from your connected items is a prime consideration. How much power do the conditioners themselves draw? How much is remaining for your components?
How much do the components draw? I have no exp w the conditioners you're using. There can be a significant advantage to having 2 conditioners-if they complement each other;and I'm sure many do. Your ears opinion counts. Enjoy experimenting.
I've never had a problem. Right now I'm using a PS Audio Quintet and a Chang 6400.
No,I haven't ever connected a Ps Audio Powerplant to my Tice.
I am using two PS Ultimate Outlets,but they are connected straight to the wall.
I have 3 conditioners. One Panamaxx 1000+ (my very first one), one set of Tice Power Block and Titan (my second one and I got them for my audio) I got a BPT 3.5 Signature recently and the unit was amazing. I decided to go with the BPT 3.5 Signature and put my Tice combo in the same outlet for video..... until, I found out that the BPT-driven audio system doesn't sound as good with the Tice combi being plugged into the same outlet.

The sound was less dynamic, lack of resolution, bass was weak and non-focused. I unplugged the Tice combo and the music immdiately return back to normal. It gave me an "Ahh..."-feeling. There is another outlet in the same room and of course, it is most likely the same circuit breaker. I tried both my Tice and my Panamax drawing power from that wall outlet and things went a bit better. I decided to go with the Panamax on that other outlet because I just can't stand the Tice combo sitting in my room anymore. (These big monsters should be hidden somewhere away from your listening room! Next to the power panel or something...)

The video sure doesn't look at good when compared to being plugged into the Tice but the difference were minor.

I still want to know if there is any technical stuffs to watch out for anytime when more than one power conditioners are plugged into the same circuit; and why do they affect each together negatively even when plugged into the same wall outlet in parallel?

The Tice combo is a transformer-based energy storage system like a capacitor, can it be the reason why the details and dynamics are being sucked away just like when you have too big of a capacity for the capacitors in your amp's power supply?

Your continuous feedback will be highly appreciated!
On the contrary,I personally love the way Tice looks ,it's size and what it does to my system.If you want to clean and shine up the exterior,just spray and wipe some 2001 by Turtlewax vinyl,leather,plastic and rubber restorer,the same one that's for automotive.That is how I keep my Tice powerblocks looking bright and new.
I know the manual says that the powerblock/titan should only being plugged to one 15A outlet,it is maxing up the circuit load.The transformer inside is 1.5 Kva,I believe.
The other day I changed my power cables on the monoblocks from Signal to Virtual Dynamics and I swear the soundstage expanded.I listened to Pink Floyd on gold Mofi DSOM and "Wish you were here" to late night .