Two great seminars this fall

Hi! I wanted the community to know about two seminars we are hosting this fall at the store. The first will be held on Sat Nov 3rd and will include BAT, Eggleston, Fujitsu, Audioquest and Wadia! The second is on Sat Dec 1st and we'll be joined by CAT, Merlin, VPI and a cable to be named later! Both run Noon to 5p and light refreshments will be served. Come loaded with questions and feel free to bring some of your favorite music (no 78's please!) Don't hesitate to ask for more information.

Some of us (like me, for example) don't know your geographical locale. Care to fill us in?


PS: We 78 lovers also plan a class action suit :)

Sorry about that and thanks for the wake up call. My store is called Toys From The Attic. We're in White Plains, NY, about 30 min north of Manhattan by car or train. In addition to 78's we are also barring 8-tracks. Please contact our attorney regarding any actions, thank you.

Come one, come all, we're sure to have a ball. (Jeez, that was REALLY corny!).

Mario-corny 'aint the word for it!!I hope to make it down to White Plains for the Dec.2nd seminar...I'd love to hear some Ann Murray on 78 rpm....:)I hope to meet some other AudiogoN members there as well.Lets all get together and get aquanted! I live 7 hours away and if I can make it,Im sure others can as well!Maybe Kelly or Albert can pick me up on the way in their Lear jets..After the seminar the steaks and drinks are on Mario!!
Awsome, Mario. I live in Central CT and while I'm going to be away on 12/1, I'll try to make the Nov date. Hope to meet lots of my cyberfriends, including David99.
Ok, since I was the lost soul, I'll try to be found there in November as well. Besides, I heard the Wadia 888 Super 8 8-track player is totally awesome and will completely blow away any 8 track player you've never heard. I'm bringing my Ronco 80 mm audiophile Sonny & Cher and The Turtles Live at Joes Garage Salute tape especially for this event! (Sadly, the 1800 gram 78 album was damaged in the Great Cat Escapade of '01).

Thank you, Mario, for invitation. I will be there (not far from Basking Ridge).
Very glad you'll be joining us, but I'm disappointed to tell you that I don't think the 888 prototype will be ready in time for the show. I can't wait to hear about the Great Cat Escapade! These are always the best stories...
Mario and Costrosk....PLEASE dont mention cats OR kittens! It is too painful for me to discuss..
Time for a short vacation! Im heading to White Plains Dec 1st.Anyone else going? I have a feeling its going to be a very fun time!!
I'll try to make it, hard to say what my schedule looks like but I will check it out tomorrow and see if I can make it :) Tim The Tire Guy
Looks like it is on!! any one else going to show up, it'll be fun, after all we don't get out much as audiophiles and need to take advantage of every chance we get. Not to mention checking out some cool gear, and listening to set-up's most of us never have an opportunity to hear. Also Toys from the Attic is one of the rare high-fi shops in NYS, those who live up here know how far you must drive to hear most good equipment(the only exception is the folks who live in NYC, which I am sure they would rather trade places with us suburbanites any old day, in light of the activity down there). I have one question though will we get name tags? most of us have never met and it may be hard to Identify each other! LOL! Hope to see lots of you there
So who can make it this Sat. Dec 1st??
Glad this popped back up onto the My Threads section, I still need directions!!! Got to call Mario today.
I'll be there.