Tweaking a lower end SACD player tips

I have a Sony 1 disc SCDXE-670.
This unit was released to the European and Canadian markets only.
It retailed for $400.00
I recently borrowed a friends SCD-555ES and the difference in sound quality was suprisingly small.
I have considered mods but have decided not to.
I will start with lining the internal cover area with damping material.The player is sitting on sorbothane "little feet"
I would like to put a heavier ga.cord on it,but opening it up,I've noticed the cord wires go into a plug like thing that plugs into something else.I tried unplugging it but its snug and Im afraid I will damage it.If I cut the original cord and splice a better cord,would that be ok? I want to damp the tray also but need advice.Any other tweaks? Thanks!
Hi David: For about $20 or so you can make considerable sonic improvements to the player. You are on the right track with damping. Go to Home Depot or similar and buy the industrial linoleum floor tile (about 80 cents for a 12 x 12 or so piece, you might need 3 or 4 pieces) and some heavy duty double sided carpet tape. Skip the peel and stick stuff, the non-adhesive heavy duty linoleum (about 3/16th of an inch thick) is much heavier and much more inert-it will do a fabulous job-you'll need an exacto or drywall knife to cut it. I have done both the interior and exterior of a couple of players with very good results. You can choose a lighter or darker colour to match the player-will look a little funky if you do the exterior, but if performance is what you're after do it all. While you're at the Depot, spend another few bucks on rope caulk (this is window caulk which is in long gray or white strips which you simply tear off) and apply it everywhere you can on the top and sides of the transport mechanism taking care that you don't interfere with any moving parts. Easiest way to establish what's moving is to plug the player in after you've taken the top off and open and close the tray. Obviously, you don't want to cover the round central disc in the centre of the transport which rotates and to which the CD is clamped. The underside of the tray is tougher-I wouldn't use the rope caulk there is it may fall off. I used some Marine Silicone on the last player I was using, as it will dry well and stay in place-I'm not really sure that this made much of a difference, and wouldn't be overly concerned about doing the tray.
I'd also rope caulk the player's crystal, which should look like a little metal tin can on the board with all the capacitors and chips etc. Cover it with rope caulk and use a toothpick to push the caulk down toward the circuit board (I've gone close to but not touching the circuit board).

If you don't want to perform major power cord surgery, simply hack off the molded plug and replace it with a cryoed Marinco 5266 (about $7-$8 U.S. from Take Five Audio-probably more at other places but maybe less to ship if you are in the U.S.) This alone will give you a nice solid improvement in high and low frequency response and a smoother presentation.

I'd continue to use the sorbothane feet and probably also sandbag (using the large zip lock bags) the top of the player as well.

Do all this and it'll probably sound better than the 555.
Hdm-Great tips! Thank you.
Hdm-I went to the "Take Five Audio" website and viewed the 5266 plug.It has a ground prong on it.
Please clue me in :~)
When you hack off the male on the fixed cord on the Sony, the live wire should be encased in a black sheath, the neutral in a white. There will be no ground. Simply insert the black in the black (live) hole of the Marinco with the black screw, the white (neutral) in the clear hole with the silver screw and forget about the ground. You have exactly the same wiring set-up you had before, just with an extra ground prong which has nothing connected to it. If for some reason (it's highly unlikely) the wires are not color coded when you hack the male off, just pay careful attention to the orientation of both male plugs (the Sony male will only fit in the receptacle one way because one of the prongs is larger, and the Marinco will only fit in one way because of the ground pin, and correct accordingly to ensure correct polarity. It will be quite clear when you're looking at it.
Thanks again Hdm! Maybe I can tweek the level of perfomance of this lower end player up to the level of the SCD-777ES!! :~)
You have given me great tips.I will let you know the outcome in time.
If you want to really improve the Sony you'll need to get under the hood. Some ERS material place under the power supply is an easy tweak to try, but to really improve it's
performance you'll need to clean up its switch mode power supply. There should be a large cap on the power supply
around 80-200uf/350-400v. That's a good place to start with
a upgraded replacement, if you know how to solder.
Kana813-I can solder.
What brand cap would you recommend and where can I get one?
Thank you-
David- The cap you want to use is the Black Gate WK220/200,
the VK150/350. You may have to move some part around to make room.

While you're under the hood, trace the analog output back and see if there are electrolitic cap in the signal, if
so replace them with N or NX series BGs.
Cool mod tips guys!