turntable/preamp problem

i have a Lyra Dorian LOMC cartridge which i have had for 3 yrs. i have had phono stages by Musical Fidelity and Sutherland always with integrated amps. Recently switched to separates, a Blueberry extreme preamp and a Red Wine Audio 30.2 amp. the extreme has both mc and mm phono stages built in. with the Dorian i have had difficulty getting sufficient volume and have very weak bass coming from my subwoofer at any sound level. I have just added a PS Audio GCPH figuring i would have more options for gain etc. Have tried every combo of impedance and gain and even with volume control on the bluberry all the way up can barely hear a thing,also experiencing loud humming. Can someone offer advice before i give up on analogue. Is it the cartridge or Blueberry. Dont think its the phonostage .
pls anyone help.
Sounds to me like you have a mismatch in your preamp section. If you have the phono stage connected to the Blueberry's phono inputs, you are going to have problems. The interconnects from your phonostage should be connected to an auxilary input on the Blueberry. Try that, and make sure you have the phono stage set up properly for the cartridge you are using, and you should be fine.

Good luck,
have it set up properly and connected to an aux input on the Blueberry. still the same problems. its never happened before when i was using integrated amps. since i went to separates it has been problematic.
Loud humming and lack of volume sounds like a loose connection at the cartridge. Check the leads where the cart mounts to the tonearm. Also check the connections at the turntable's ouput connection.