turntable for daughter

My daughter has asked for a turntable for Xmas. Considering a Project Debut Carbon Evolution. Maybe a Thorens TD 190-2 if she wants automatic. any suggestions or thoughts?

Not giving her my SOTA Cosmos


It may depend a bit on your daughter's age, but the entry/mid-level Projects are a good bet for someone just starting out.  I went with the Project T1 for my teenager last year after they asked for a turntable for Christmas but rejected both my beloved (and truly excellent) Thorens TD 150 and TD 160 as insufficiently cool.  (The TD 190, being new, may not have that particular baggage. I can't speak to its performance, but I do have 5 vintage Thorens and love them all.)

The Projects are simple to set up and use; they look nice; and are solid performers for the price. And it's getting alot of use, which is what matters most.  I had to replace a cartridge with a broken stylus inside the first year, which made me happy I hadn't overdone it on the cartridge right out of the gate. So, again, depending on your daughter's age, you might want to keep that in mind.

You might also want to prepare yourself for your kid rejecting your efforts to give them better speakers or at least tell them where their cute but crappy speakers should go to give them decent sound. 

That being said, I'm looking forward to the day the kids will be old enough to appreciate a Thorens.

Good luck.

Already been told that she cannot place speakers in their audibly best position due to her small apartment. Thinking too about a Denon DP 300 as its automatic and has a phono pre amp and it cheaper and probably comes with something like a AT 95 which could be improved with a better stylus.