Brandi Carlise- The Firewatcher's Daughter

This time Brandi is getting well deserved critical acclaim for her most recent release "The Firewatcher's Daughter". I just cant keep my big mouth shut any longer. This album is not good- it's amazing!
I know this is just my opinion, but the more I listen to it, the more I love it. I fell immediately in love with the slower, more sparsely produced tracks, her vocals have never been better. But the upbeat rocking and down right poppy songs are now running through my head all the time. "I need somebody strong- for when I'm feeling weak..."

My family has a special place in our hearts for her music, my wife and my 9year old- we all simply love her. We took our girl to see her about a month ago in Charlotte. If you were there you heard Brandi ask her name and say "this song is for Kaitlyn". She came home with a pick and the drummer's sticks. And If you were there you know what an amazing show she delivers.

Now most of my listening has been in the car and on my deck, so no critical analysis of the sound. I can tell you the sound varies somewhat. I can tell you that this is a strong release in terms of writing and performance. As usual her vocals are wonderful. She is a natural, and almost any song could be used as a masterclass in conveying emotion in a totally natural, unforced manner.

...any fans out there?
Yes we like her very much here too. Particularly like the "Bear Creek" album. Agree she puts on a great show!
I'm a huge Brandi Carlile fan and have seen her in concert several times. I also have all of her albums on both CD and vinyl.

With that said, I really didn't like her new album "The Firewatcher's Daughter". I've listen twice to it now and will have to go back and give it another try.

It is indeed a little different from her past efforts, but I just can't seem to warm up to it.
We are not as taken with the new album either. Her voice seems to stay in
one high range - that "pop" style you were talking about. Might
need to listen again.
I'm a big fan and have all her CDs. I've seen her 3 times in concert, however I consider this latest release my least favorite. My fav is The Story.
I too am having trouble connecting to this album - seems like she is yelling at you most of the time, and has lost the dynamic feel that made earlier performances so special. As Audiowoman says, she seems to be afflicted with the "pop" vocal bug. I guess it sells records but has lost me.
I have all of her previous lps and passed on this one when I saw it is on the ATO label.
...I felt compelled to add that "The Twins" are awesome and add quite a lot to her overall appeal. On her live lp, the cover of "The Sound Of Silence" is almost ethereal.
It took a little time for me too. Fortunately I had just enough time before we went to see her. I didn't connect to the in your face aspect of some of the songs at first. It's definitely different, but started to make sense with repeat listening. Then seeing them live brought it home for me. I can relate, even to the "yelling" comment. But her "pop" songs have a lot to say, and they get under your skin.
The story was always my hands down favorite. I don't mean to sound like I am defending the album or myself. I love this release. Give it a chance, maybe it will grow on you the way it did me.
My personal feeling regarding Brandi's voice is that she is still trying her best to figure out a way of controlling it!.( SO MUCH TALENT) On some songs I can almost hear here going to a yogul, then immediately snap out of it. She is really kind of all over the place with her vocals. She has immense talent and I could surely see why the OP would want to take the young daughter for this artist. I really feel that once she becomes "in control" of the instrument God gave her, the best may still be yet to come. Just hope she shies away from ATO in the future.