I am going to purchase a new turntable, it will have a solid hardwood plinth. It will come with  a OA2  gimbal tonearm, have a acrylic platter and a Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge. It comes with a felt mat, wondering if it would be fine to play records on just the acrylic with out the felt mat or should I use the felt mat provided

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flashcider, the goal is to keep the record from resonating and slipping on the platter. A record weight will stop the record from slipping but the problem with a hard platter surface is that it has a much different mechanical impedance than the record thus it will not keep the record from resonating. You want a mat that has a similar mechanical impedance to vinyl then it will serve to dampen any resonance in the vinyl. The Funk Firm Achromat get high marks for this and I would absolutely consider getting one of these. People love them. If my turntable did not come with an excellent mat I would definitely consider getting one!.