Turn off of subwoofer

The sequence for turn on of components is sources first then amp and the powering down with amp first and sources next. What about with a powered subwoofer? Should this follow the same sequenceas powering the amp if so does it matter which one gets turned on first? Thanks
I have a Rel B3 and never turn it off. It goes into standby if it doesn't get a signal in 20 min and then uses only about 7 watts. A warning in the manual says if you do turn it off wait 20 min to discharge the power supply or risk damage to it. My way around that warning is to turn it off while playing music (I hear the sub still playing for about 30 seconds).

That being said other manufacturers may be different.
Hi 7671,
The reason for having a sequence is to prevent turn-on and turn-off transients/spikes generated by front end components from reaching a powered up amplifier and possibly damaging the amp or, amplified by the power amp, the speakers. So, unless your sub has specific instructions as in Xti16's case, it would be treated as an amplifier and powered up after source and preamp units, and powered down before source and preamp. I don't think the order of amplifier and sub amplifier make any difference as long as both are powered down when front end units are switched on or off.

Like noted its probably best to just leave it on as most go into low power sleep mode. As far as when to turn it off it doesnt matter, its likely to give a tiny thump no matter when you do it.............most subs will and leaving it on avoids that so thats why IMO you should just leave it on.
Thanks for the responses. I only turned the sub off because of cleaning cables and switching out the current power amp for another one.