Tuntable set-up mistakes?

I have seen posts with advice on turntables for those who are considering entering "analogue heaven." Past posts have addressed the varying opinions of best table/arm/cartridge combos and phono stages. My biggest fear, (I would be in the sub $1500 range for stage and table,) is improper setup, (cartridge alignment, weight, etc.,) which would rob me of the best function of what I have. Could you please advise on how to do this properly? What would you say are the biggest and most common mistakes made? Thank you for your help. Charlie
Look through Tech Talk and Analog threads. Setup has been addressed along with some good references to other sites and articles.
Thanks, Sndsel, did not look well enough. Sorry. Charlie
I posted this as I have heard that some tables have left the dealer improperly set up, even with good intentions. I know there are instruction manuals, but are there mistakes common to more than laziness or imcompetence? Thanks.
imcompetence.....my fourth grade teacher would agree. [:)]
that was my spehling teacher, BTW
Charlie,George Merrills booklett is very good as is Robert Harley's Guide to High End Audio.I think a good dealer would be able to set one up properly.Im far from a pro,but I think I have done pretty well on my own.I have a Rega-25 so its pretty easy to begin with anyway.
Charlie, the table which engenders the most press regarding set up is the Linn LP-12. While a pretty good value used (NOT new - MANY better choices at the price point), it does require proper set up by a QUALIFIED "tweakologist." I think a lot of people have bad experiences with this table when they undertake "surgery" on their own, then are astounded that they end up with a poor sounding result. If you have a Linn dealer at your disposal, you may want to consider a used LP-12. I picked up a used one, and have been fairly satisfied with it. If so, AVOID Linn's pricey upgrades (Lingo in particular), as the table can be maxed-out in a much more cost-effective way than the Linn "upgrade path" (which is a "downgrade path" for your bank account). I've had an LP-12 for about 6 years, and only now do I start to feel the itch for something better/different. All in all, it plays music pretty well, there are some great aftermarket upgrades/improvements, if not treated like a Close 'n' Play it will retain it's setup pretty well, and lastly, it is attainable within your budget. Hope this helps. Best regards, -John
John - I own an LP 12 and thought the Lingo upgrade was one of the best investments I made. It really did wonders for the sound. So...would love to hear more about the less expensive approaches you allude to to max out the LP12's performance. Many thanks
Checkout WWW.AudioAdviser.com Im pretty sure they sell something to help in setup.