Vinyl pressing mistakes

Ever seen an LP with the the wrong label? I have an old LP that has a different artist/album side pressed on the b side. I listened to the a side of 'Blue Man' by Steve Khan.... flipped it over and Tim Wiesebeg/Dan Fogalberg (sp?)'Power of Gold' or some such nonsence starts playing... surprise! How common are these mistakes? Just curoius.
In 35 years of serious collecting I've only found one mistake. That was Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk" where the two disks were the same pressing with different labels. I exchanged it for a good one. Now, what you have is REALLY a mistake.
I image labeling mistakes are probably alot more common than pressing mistakes but wanted to share this one anyway. My copy of Bob Seger's Live Bullet is mislabeled on sides 1&2 (sides 3&4 are correct). The title on sides 1&2 is 'Dr. Hajime Murooka's Lullaby From The Womb'. Nobody could have made that one up.
The weirdest one that i've ever run across was when i was a kid. My Dad came home with the latest Rolling Stones LP. After cleaning the record with his Discwasher, he cued up the arm and let her rip. Upon sitting down and relaxing, we all heard what was "The Story of Yertle the Turtle" by Dr Seuss coming out of the speakers. Needless to say, this was not exactly what he or anyone else expected. The disc was labeled as the Stones, but was obviously not the right pressing. Then again, this might have been better than the what the Stones would end up releasing further down the road. Back to the store it went and i'll bet that the guys at the local record store got a hoot out of it too : ) Sean
Hey Sean, you should get out of your “shell” that Yertle the Turtle" rocks.

The cuts as I remember are:

“White Rabbit“ (with apologies to Jefferson Airplane).
“Happy Together“ (originally by the Turtles).
“I may be slow but I’m ahead of you”
“They named a sweater (or a neck) after me”
“My car wax is famous”

You should have kept that album. The version without the cover peeled off is now worth about $1100.00.

You can easily tell them apart, the later version has a Turtle sitting inside a truck with a bunch of other Turtles standing around.
Albert: Are you joshin' me or is that "Stoned screw up" really worth that much cash ? Was this a known problem on that album ? If it is true, my Dad will fall over when i tell him : ) Sean
Maybe I was confusing it with the Beatles butcher block album.
I just picked up a two-box UK pressing of Revolver that is stereo on side 1 and mono on side 2. The jacket and labels say stereo but the matrix numbers are YEX for the first side and XEX for the second. I had to check after wondering why there wasn't any weird panning on the first few songs. The stereo side sounds good but the mono is really dynamic.
Unfortunately, the only vinyl pressing mistakes in my collection involve recordings that never should have been pressed at all, like all those digitally recorded LP's from the 1980's.

Anybody think they're worth anything? ;)
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I have a mis-labeled Arista Grateful Dead - Histroic Dead album with an Alan Parson's Project label on sides 3/4 of the album (vinyl pressing is still GD). My Goldmine's book doesn't recognize the error, but I still think it is worth something extra.
I have a John Tesh LP, the cover of which is clearly labled: "Contains music"
The mistake is admitting to owning a John Tesh LP, even in jest! :-)
I remember when I first got into vinyl a trip to New Orleans, to go to Jazz Fest. When away i like to check out local vinyl stores. So i happen on this one down in the quarter, a virtual jazz museum. At the time Coltrane was the shiznit for me, especially late 1965 stuff. So I pick a copy of Live in Seattle. When I get back home to put the record on every things fine untill I go to listen to part 2 of one of the songs and I get Africa Brass from 1961. Another example was my father in law who bought a stck of Christmas CD's at the local pawn shop. So we are sitting there enjoying the sounds of the season when the disc changes and out comes Carols Nakai(native american flute player. The label on the CD was marked Liberace's Christmas.
slipknot, pay no attention to 4yanx. He's just upset because he sold me all HIS John Tesh LP's in a moment of weakness! ;)
Nothing as severe as what you all have described, but my copy of the King reissue of the Albeniz Suite Espanola has side 1 with a label showing the side 2 pieces, and vice versa. Colitas, maybe Liberace liked to celebrate Christmas listening to native American flute music?
Slipknot1, I'm ROTFLMAO.
If you liked that one, you should read my response to the "ONE great lovesong" thread. I'm surprised no one picked up on that one. Especially if you are a Warren Zevon fan. ;)
In the early 1980's my old chief inspector gave me an mislabel LP. He purchased 1974's Valentin Baglaenko "Gypsy Songs And Ancient Romances" for $1.99 but what was cut in the grooves was The Grateful Dead "Best Of"? "What the hell is this... high on cocaine..." was his reply when he gave me this record explaining to me the relax mood he was in that night.
I had a pressing of the Stones "Some Girls" that had a side 1 label on both sides.
I thought it may be worth a zillion dollars at the time.
I ended up selling it with a bunch of other LP's.
I guess I'll never know!