Tukan VS Legacy studio

I would like to eliminate Velodyne sub, that i am using with Linn Tukan. But for price, of giving up everything below 80hz. I read "Legacy's" literature, and it sounds impressive, however i would like to hear indenpendant opinion regarding "Legacy" speakers. Including smallest "studio's" Thank you
The Legacy Studio are a great pair of speakers however I need to use a sub with mine to reach the lows I desire. I also have a pair of Legacy Signiture III. They do it all, and sound great unassisted!
I have a pair of Legacy Studios and they are the best speakers of their size. They have a full bodied sound and can rival the Watt 3 when not paired with the Puppy. The Studio does need a sub if used in a main full range system. I also have a pair of Whispers and they are the best period. A friend has the Sig III's and they are also great.
If you have a small room, you probably don't need a sub. But for a large room, a sub is the only way you can have flat in room response to 20 Hz and below...As long as the phase is continuously variable, there's no problem augmenting a good one with the main speakers (even if they're "full" range).
...isn't "augmenting" the wrong way, of using "sub"? Even R Harley, in his "Guide..." recommends, in the case that ...you should use SUB (true "audiophiles" don't use sub...?)use your monitors as a "satelites" freeing them from lowest frq.?(high pass...)
Some speakers were design to do that"augmenting, the small speakers from Alon , my Maggies sound better that way, they didn`t sound smooth in the transition between the sub and the Maggies when I used the crossover,they sounded better letting the Maggies go full range and bring the sub in around 40hz or so.Its all a matter of taste. Greg